Our Vision

At La Petite Épicerie Saigon, we want to bring you the best taste experience that Southern Vietnam, Indochina, in many ways a food lovers paradise, has to offer. South Vietnam is historically renown as the breadbasket of Indochina, with the Mekong delta, dubbed “a biological treasure trove”, with its vast maze of rivers, encompassing a large part of southern Vietnam and Cambodia.

At La Petite Épicerie Saigon, we only use local produce from across southern Vietnam. All our ingredients are carefully selected from local producers and we follow strict international standards, HACCP, to ensure the best product. We have a strong partnership with a network of small farmers across southern Vietnam giving us access to great quality fruits, spices, honey and peanuts.

Our savoir-faire and expertise combined with strict sourcing and the finest ingredients make our range of natural products unique.

At La Petite Épicerie, we strongly believe that the best food is home cooked. That is why, at our facility on the outskirts of Ho Chi Minh City, formerly Saigon, very much a large country kitchen, you will find that as we have grown, we have chosen not to invest in industrializing production, but rather added more preparation and cooking stations with more dedicated colleagues to make sure that we keep the same home cooked quality we have become renown for.

We want our customers to feel and appreciate a high-quality artisan product, with an attractive design, where we always chose to use the most environmentally friendly and climate neutral alternative available.

At La Petite Épicerie Saigon, we pride ourselves with a skilled and loyal workforce that enjoys making our own products. We are proud of our products and it would not be an exaggeration to say that our production team “cook with their hearts”.

Maybe the best evidence of this is that practically all of us who work at La Petite Épicerie Saigon eat our own products every day. We would never make or sell anything that we don’t like ourselves or would not happily give to our own children to eat.

Most of us enjoy our jams and honey at breakfast, our children bring soft dried fruit as snacks to school, more or less, every day, in fact, I think we all eat our soft dried fruit as snacks nearly on a daily basis.

At lunch or dinner, be it chicken, pork or steak, or maybe a salad, it is not uncommon that most of us will happily spice it up with one of our savory chutneys. For those of us who are cheese lovers, we use our jams, our chutneys, our honeys and not least our chutneys for pairing, truly elevating the taste of the cheese.

Last but by no means least, if not as a snack, I think all of us at La Petite Épicerie Saigon frequently use our own stone ground natural peanut butter in cooking and baking or for making great tasting healthy smoothies.

We want our customers in hospitality, across Vietnam and Indochina, be it hotels, resorts, restaurants or cafes, to feel pride in being able to put a premium local product in front of well deserving customers. When people travel to Vietnam, or other parts of Indochina, we want them to be able to experience the best that Vietnam and Indochina has to offer and that we can contribute with bringing them new amazing flavors and mouthwatering experiences.

Long term, we would also love to be able to bring selected parts of our fantastic tropical flavors, be it jam, soft dried fruits, honey or chutneys, to overseas markets.

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