Our history

La Petite Épicerie Saigon was founded in the bustling Ho Chi Minh City in 2013 by a group of young French food lovers. Ho Chi Minh City, formerly known as Saigon, is in the heart of Vietnam’s tropical south, well known for its abundance of fresh, sweet fruits and flavorful spices.

The founders were passionate about capturing the local flavors in premium products with a French twist. It all started with the La Petite Épicerie Saigon jams, based on old family recipes, mixing tropical fruits with local spices, such as mango with ginger, guava with lemongrass, creating an absolute tantalizing taste experience!

All our products are made by hand, using traditional methods by skilled craftworkers. Our jams and chutneys are cooked, with great care, in small copper cauldrons, brought over from France, to keep the taste of home cooking and at the same time capture the rich flavors and colors of Vietnam.

La Petite Épicerie Saigon’s range of products has over the years increased from tropical jams to include exiting chutneys, a range of single origin honey, natural peanut butter spreads, soft dried tropical fruits, many appreciated variations of gift boxes and now latest a range of condiments.

For our range soft dried fruits, we source our fresh fruits from a network of small farmers, holding Viet Gap certification, across southern Vietnam. After careful preparation, the fresh fruits are dried at low temperatures to maximize the preservation of nutrients, taste, and flavor, creating that soft bite dried fruit. Finally, the soft dried fruit is cut into snack size bites.

Our peanut butter is made only from Vietnamese peanuts originating from selected farmers holding VietGAP certification for sustainable practices. We roast the peanuts ourselves and stone grind them with large natural granite wheels that slowly turn and churn the peanuts into a rich, creamy butter making sure that temperatures remain low so that all valuable nutrition is kept intact.

Our honey is sourced from carefully selected nomad beekeepers. Our honeys are pure, without any treatment or additives and come in a range of varieties. Each one of our varieties is a single origin honey, meaning that it comes from a single separate plant species. This gifts each honey with its own personality, specific taste and color.

You will find La Petite Épicerie Saigon’s products on the shelves of most gourmet food retailers in Vietnam and on the breakfast buffets, in the minibars, and on the room service trays of the best and most prestigious hotels and resorts across Vietnam and Cambodia. You will also find our gift boxes and soft dried fruit at gift shops and at the international departure lounges at airports across Vietnam.

Welcome to our world of tropical fruits, nuts, honey, spices and more. Enjoy!

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